Servicing of all Inquires and Complaints

  • Quick response and resolution to all inquires and complaints
  • Documentation of all property related activity
  • Attend Home Owner Association hearings as needed

Collection of all Fees and Rents

  • Collection of rent from tenants
  • Collection of late fees and outstanding tenant charges
  • File appropriate eviction documents, follow-up through lockout process


  • Advertise and show units
  • Collect, process applications and screen applicants
  • Execute leases and collect security deposit monies

Maintenance, Repairs, and Improvements

  • Coordination of all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
  • Coordinate all capital improvements for the property as needed/contracted
  • Assure on-going maintenance is completed as contracted


  • Track all debit and credit accounting entries
  • Maintain owner/tenant trust accounts

Reporting and Record Retention

  • Monthly detail of ledger entries
  • Monthly detail of income statement
  • Annual reporting, structured for tax reporting, 1099 forms
  • Maintain all historical records and backup of automated systems

Professional Services

  • Maintain relationships with Home Owner Associations, Venders, and Owners Home Warranty and Insurance Carriers.

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